VIP Life Finland is a company founded by two brothers, and it offers a high-quality VIP services for all kinds of situations, whether you need it for your company, family or group of friends. For us, customer privacy is very important and we work with the best partners in the industry. We raise the bar for every event and set new standards for the industry.

Our team is always available 24/7 and we do everything on a turnkey basis so that the customer has more time for things that are important. You always get full commitment from us and we have success rate 100% satisfied customers when money is not an object.


Greyfish parties, meetings in Sauna or a trip to Lapland with your crew by turnkey production, for us only the sky is the limit.

We also manage your family parties from Producing experiences is our passion, and we guarantee that it will also be reflected in the end result.


We organize high quality events produced by professionals. Our latest Club concept is V.A.L.O. breaks the culture of traditional celebration and unites top artists throughout the evening as an indoor festival where excellent food meets quality beverages with show elements.

The exclusive side is completely new in Finland and VIP tickets can’t be bought, because VIP status is more than just a bit more expensive entrance ticket.


Through us, you will also get the services of our carefully selected partners, as a turnkey project or as individual services, according to your needs. Personal security from heads of state to private parties, VIP-host services from festivals to your company’s little Christmas parties, multi-purpose facilities from countryside estates to downtown penthouses. We also deliver best staff from restaurant industry from flairtending champions to top catering services.

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Jani Pesonen

+358 40 023 2930


Sami Pesonen

+358 40 673 0692


Nanne Kuusela

+358 44 500 5611


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